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Bruce Palmer Here,


I love my German Shephard Arno. In our 9 years we spent together, we’ve teamed up for more adventures than I can count.

As a fellow pet parent, I’m sure you know all about the special connection between a dog and their owner. They show us unconditional love. That’s why seeing them happy brings us so much joy.

For Arno, Happiness is a Big Puddle Of Mud…


There’s nothing he loves more than running around, getting messy and playing with other dogs.

That is exactly why I was CRUSHED when the vet told me that Arno’s days of running around were over. Degenerative joint disease meant that regular exercise would wear down the cartilage in his legs until he could no longer even walk. I begged her for an alternative.

The next thing she said changed our lives for good…


“…There is a solution and it’s helping millions of pet owners just like you, and it’s called PEMF”


She then continued to tell me how Pulsing Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) has been used for decades to treat dogs, cats, and horses, as well as humans!

Wow! She was right! It didn’t take long before Arno was a whole new dog! The therapy was safe, pain-free and because it could be done in the comfort of our own home, we saved a bunch on vet bills.

In case you’re wondering, Arno still loves the mud…


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