If you have a dog or cat with chronic pain or who has
experienced a serious illness or injury, this is for you.

My Name is Bruce Palmer,

And this is my best friend, Arno…
Arno is a 9 year old German Shepherd. I’m a full time photographer, so most of the time Arno is with me out on the job. Yep, Arno and I do almost everything together. We hang out at our favorite place… The dog park! We do that almost every weekend. That was until about a year ago…

Every time I take Arno to his favorite dog park, he runs around like crazy — slobber flying, smiling from German Shepherd ear to ear. But the next day, I usually notice, he pays for all that squirrel chasing with a slight limp in his right forelimb.

Off-and-on lameness is a common sign of degenerative joint disease (DJD), ” says Dr. Virginia Johnson, Arno’s veterinary specialist. “Dogs show evidence of pain from DJD by limping. Lameness can occur suddenly, or gradually increase over time.

It can be persistent or intermittent. Degenerative joint disease affects the articular cartilage, cartilage in a joint that has two very important jobs. The first job is to act as a shock absorber, and the second is to provide a slippery surface for joint motion.

If injured, articular cartilage doesn’t heal — ever.

Instead, an injury leads to inflammation, swelling, and changes in the joint that make cartilage a poor shock absorber and less able to produce joint-lubricating fluid. Dogs generally develop DJD after a primary problem in the joint occurs. Essentially, the arthritic change is the body’s defense mechanism against unstable joints.

Then she says “we will need to take X rays of the joints, tap the joint for fluid samples, or perform a computed tomography (CT) scan to diagnose DJD and/or its underlying cause”.

She then confirmed… Arno does have DJD!

Dr. Johnson’s recommendations for Arno include, rest by restricting all activity until lameness improves, in combination with an anti-inflammatory drug. After that, controlled, moderate, regular exercise will help ward off intermittent lameness. After all this I spent over $2,987 on just this one visit for my best buddy Arno.

Arno loves his trip to the dog park. I asked… “Are there any other alternatives?”

She replied…

In fact, veterinarians have even successfully used PEMF on race and show horses to accelerate bone recovery after fractures and traumatic injuries for decades. There have been countless double blind medical studies and clinical trials that have been done on humans as well as animals in order to determine its effectiveness.

This innovative medical product was developed in Italy by a leading manufacturer of PEMF medical equipment used by veterinarians, hospitals and physiotherapists worldwide. It is marketed and distributed exclusively by Biolife Therapy System. The goal in developing this product was to provide a cost-effective in-home alternative to PEMF therapy which is typically administered in-office, or in the field, by veterinarians. While administering therapy in this manner is practical for horse owners, it has proven to be rather challenging by owners of smaller pets such as dogs and cats. Usually due to cost and logistics. The Biolife Pet Therapy System allows you to easily administer PEMF therapy in the privacy and comfort of your home. It’s non-invasive, easy to use and completely safe for your pet.

“Biophysical treatments such as pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy are pushing patient recovery in new dimensions. Enthusiasm for these techniques is mounting, as evidence and applications expand.” 

- Narda G. Robinson, DVM, – Veterinary Practice News

The proof of how our pets age and experience pain can be easily be seen in a single drop of blood from the average adult dog or cat.

As shown in the image above, blood cells can stick together. This will prevent them from accomplishing their vital role in your pet’s immune system.

Your pet’s body passes nutrients between cells using channels that open between them. Over time, these channels can become blocked or refuse to open. Pulsed electromagnetic fields reopen these channels so that vital nutrients can be shared freely.

In many instances, medication may be the only option for severe cases. Yet, even in many of those cases, PEMF therapy may provide significant relief to your pet. Especially since there are no known side effects. Many vets even administer PEMF therapy alongside medication to help aid recovery and reduce time the pet needs to stay on a given medication. Reduced pain means your pet will become more active and mobile in the short term. Therefore, your pet will get more exercise and become less lethargic. Most vets agree, that the sooner your pet can get back to its normal healthy routine, the better!

It’s a fact that most older pets become prone to osteo-arthritis. And for many of them, the condition can become downright debilitating. Many owners opt to just have their pets put down rather than watch them suffer endlessly. The mere act of walking, performing regular bodily functions, and even sleeping can bring on high levels of pain and discomfort. Many pet owners and veterinarians have reported surprising results with PEMF therapy to treat arthritis. Since it’s so effective at reducing inflammation, PEMF can decrease pain significantly. In many cases, to the point where the pet is able to have a higher quality of life.

The Biolife Pet Therapy System can also be used as a preventative health aid. It’s widely documented that PEMF may provide noticeable improvement in blood circulation, cell metabolism, bone density, reduced inflammation, along with many other benefits.

Improved circulation is particularly important for pets with cuts or wounds. This is due to the fact that many types of injuries may not receive enough oxygen to help the healing process. As a result, it may take several weeks for an injury to properly heal. This may increase the risk of infection. With improved circulation thanks to PEMF therapy, those healing times can be greatly reduced. In many cases, down to as little as one to two weeks.

PEMF therapy accelerates the body’s ability to repair itself, by helping it to better deliver oxygen to deprived cells. It also assists in the waste removal process on the cellular level. This promotes better overall health, and reduces the body’s overall cellular “workload”.

  • Q.What is Pulse Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), and how does it work?

    A.Because of the molecular structure of all living things, all cells have a mild, natural electric charge flowing through them. This charge originates from electrically-charged particles called ions. Ions perform many duties for the cell’s main work, or its metabolism. By applying an appropriate magnetic field to the cells, it can create a significant influence to or have an effect on the cell’s overall state. And that’s the theory behind PEMF therapy. Various studies show that PEMF encourages a positive action on the cell by interacting with the cell’s ions. This interaction enhances the flow of nutrients and oxygen to the cells. This does everything from improving circulation, to building the cells’ resistance to disease and contaminants, among many other possible benefits. Many veterinarians use PEMF therapy on animals such as horses and livestock to accelerate healing times on injuries and fractures, as well as treat many other chronic and acute conditions.

  • Q.What Kind of Results Can I Expect from PEMF Therapy?

    A.First of all, with the Biolife Pet Therapy System, it’s quite easy to administer. Just place your pet on the comfortable, specially-designed bed area, connect the control unit, and activate it. It will safely administer the therapy via the mattress directly to your pet’s body, with no pain or discomfort whatsoever. In fact, your pet won’t even know what’s happening. The system is set to automatically administer the therapy for 30 minutes. At which time, it shuts off until the next daily cycle. The unit is fully pre-programmed for your dog or cat. No additional knowledge or settings are needed. The Biolife Pet Therapy System can help your pet overcome chronic pain and stiffness, and usually in the course of just a few days. Most pet owners start seeing a noticeable difference in as little as one or two weeks. You will find your pet moves better, with more ease and less discomfort. Your pet will walk or run with more energy and less fatigue. Your pet will also eat and sleep better, along with many other improvements. There is no easier, or more cost-effective way to administer PEMF therapy to your pet in your home.

  • Q.How Is PEMF therapy different from magnetic wraps?

    A.PEMF is able to penetrate deeper through joints, bone and muscle tissue. Because the electromagnetic field is tuned to a specific wave and frequency, it can better reach cells, than wraps that use static magnetic fields (non-pulsing). The strength of the electromagnetic field is in direct relation to the size, thickness and composition of the mat. This determines the effective depth of penetration. The Biolife Pet Therapy System provides a strong, consistent electromagnetic field that’s specially tuned for dogs and cats. It effectively penetrates through all body tissue and bones, providing a complete therapeutic cycle. Easily, painlessly and automatically.

  • Q.Why should I buy the Biolife Pet Therapy System, when I can just take my pet to the vet for PEMF therapy and treatment?

    A.The ease of use, the convenience, and the incredible savings over obtaining similar therapy at your vet’s office should be enough to convince you! In the US, a typical visit to your veterinarian’s office for just one therapy session can range anywhere from $50 to over $100. Per session. Most pet owners can only afford to get this session once a week or once a month due to the cost barriers. With the Biolife Pet Therapy System, you will have everything you need to administer this therapy to your pet every day with NO additional cost! The system simply pays for itself in just five to ten therapy sessions at your vet’s office. Best of all, because of the increased frequency of the therapy, your pet will see benefits and results faster than going to the vet. When you combine the cost-benefits, convenience, and many other tangible benefits of the Biolife Pet Therapy System, there is simply no downside.

There is an ever-growing body of clinical data and medical documentation regarding the known benefits and beneficial healing effects of PEMF therapy. Major veterinary clinics, hospitals and field practitioners regularly use this treatment as standard procedure around the world.

Now, thanks to the Biolife Pet Therapy System, you can provide this effective, non-invasive therapy to your pet. Right in the comfort of your own home.

And best of all, without expensive visits to the vet’s office!

Biolife Pet Therapy System
Biolife Pet Therapy System Mat

This state of the art product is easy to use, functional, and comfortable for your pet. It consists of a high-quality, Italian designed and manufactured plush coil-mounted mat, made of durable, quality materials.

The battery-operated control unit generates the PEMF pulses at three different rates: 5, 15, and 30 pulses per second. The status LEDs flash at the same rate as the field for easy monitoring.

The system is completely programmed and shuts off automatically. With daily use, the Biolife Pet Therapy system easily penetrates your pet’s sore joints, muscles, and tissue. It will provide long-lasting relief, reduced inflammation and accelerated healing.

Testimonial Image for Marika Pavlova

Marika P, New York

Our veterinarian has recommended an electromagnetic therapy device to treat the chronic pain of our dog during our last visit at his office. Rocky, our dog is getting old and we could tell that he really needed it. We got the Biolife Pet Therapy System and we couldn’t be happier with it! It is very easy to set up and use and thanks to it Rocky is feeling much better – the electromagnetic therapy really helps him to fight the chronic pain! What is great about the device is that we can transport it anywhere very easily, so it is always with us. Highly Recommended!

Max, our dog needed help with his chronic pain and we really didn’t know what to do until a friend of ours has recommended the Biolife Pet Therapy System device to us. It is truly amazing – it distributes an electromagnetic field around Max’s body and relieves his chronic pain within a few days. It is also totally harmless, which is a huge plus! Max is like a new dog now – full of life and playful again. Getting the Biolife Pet Therapy System was one of the best decisions we’ve made. We would recommend it to anyone who has a pet with a chronic pain problem.

Testimonial Image for Susan Farrow

Susan F, Wisconsin

Testimonial Image for Daniel Bradworth

Daniel B, London

My dog was in constant pain and I was really feeling sorry for him but the worst part was that I couldn’t really do anything about it! After doing some online research I found the Biolife Pet Therapy System device and I knew I had to get it immediately. After it arrived and I’ve set it up (which was very easy and fast by the way) my dog felt better within a few days! This medical device really works and helps immensely with the chronic pain that he was suffering from. You can easily notice that he loves it – I’m so happy that I found this device. Thank you.

Felix, my cat is almost 10 years old now and he is suffering from the chronic joint disease. He is in constant pain and our vet has recommended the Biolife Pet Therapy System to us. After I got it and Felix started using it, I can see a huge difference. The Biolife device works all over my cat’s body and it relieves the pain very fast. He loves his new mattress and spends a few hours a day just laying on it and when he’s done he is full of life again. I’m super happy with the device, it is really worth every penny – 5 Stars.

Testimonial Image for Andrew Harrison

Andew H, Sydney

Testimonial Image for Fiona Charles

Fiona C, Texas

Our cat had to go through a surgery recently and for some reason his wounds were not healing fast enough… As a result, he was in constant pain and we had to do something about it. We’ve heard about a device that treats chronic pain in pets with magnetic waves but weren’t sure where to get it. Fortunately we found the Biolife Pet Therapy System online and ordered it. The package arrived very fast and we started using it 5 minutes after it did. Our cat loves it – it really helps him to relieve the pain. It is a true life savior! A+


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P.S. Remember, the Biolife Pet Therapy System pays for itself in just a few visits to the vet’s office for the very same therapy treatments! Let your pet enjoy this beneficial therapy everyday for just under $1.30 a day for the first year. After that, all therapy sessions are free! There is no better way to ensure your pet stays healthy and happy. Take advantage of the limited time discount NOW!


Waveform: sinusoidal
Frequency: 20Mhz
Maximum Intensity: 30 microTesla (0.3 Gauss)
Class 11b Medical Device (CE Marked)
Auto Step Frequency 100-5000Hz
Fields: All electromagnetic fields fall within the limits required by the EMC Standard EN 60601-2:1993
Power: 6V DC 4xAA 1.5V Batteries 300 Hours
Warranty 12 months
Dimensions: 5.8×4.8×2.2 inches – weight: 9.3 oz.
Operating Temperature: -50F-122F
Applicator Mats: Durable construction with embedded internal copper electromagnetic grid system
Dog/Cat Mat: 24×32 inches – 60cm x 80cm


We donate to the WWF with every purchase

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