Treatment for Back Pain

Back Pain & the Biolife Therapy System

Pain is an extremely prevalant condition around the world in people of all ages, cultural background and sex. It is estimated that pain in some form or the other costs an average North American adult almost $10,000 to $15,000 annually.

The socio-economic effects of pain go deeper.

Regular and unmonitered usage of NSAIDs (Non Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drugs) cause almost 30,000 deaths in the US alone each year.

Behind these disturbing statistics lies pain in different forms. Some are acute. Others are recurrent whereas some are chronic.

It is impossible to categorize one form of pain as more severe than the other but it is a fact that chronic back pain is considered by most to be amongst the most agonizing forms of pain.

Apart from causing continual physical distress, chronic back pain can also cause emotional stress including depression, anger, anxiety and constant fear of the pain recurring anytime.

natural treatment for back pain

Managing Back Pain in a Medicine Free way

Since the long term effects of NSAIDs (Painkillers) are well known, many doctors are now starting to recommend a holistic approach to managing pain. One that takes into account the severity of the condition, uses alternative therapies to reduce the dependancy on prescription drugs and offers a long term solution to the problem rather than relying on a temporary fix.

Physical therapy may prove to be beneficial but the treatment is slow and not as effective as one would want it to be.

Electromagnetic Therapy however has proven to be really effective in helping manage pain and inflammation.

The Dr. Oz Show!

In a recent episode of NBC’s hit TV series ‘The Dr. Oz Show!’, the focus was on using electromagnetic therapy for pain management.

It mentioned that using PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields) can create a pulsing moving energy which can significantly reduce pain in a natural and safe way.

While there are a lot of magnetic devices being sold all over the internet, none are as effective and advanced as the Biolife Therapy System.

Biolife Therapy System

The Biolife Therapy System is a portable machine that creates Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields of  high but totally proven safe intensity (up to 100 gauss).

It is specially designed for home usage and can be used from the convenience of your home to help relieve a variety of ailments.

Back pain is one of these ailments.

The Biolife Therapy System has two advanced polarized transducers which create an artificial magnetic field when applied on the affected part of the body.

This magnetic field evokes a positive response from the connective tissues and electrodes in the body. Apart from greatly reducing pain by promoting the natural healing process of the body, it can also improve spinal functions and greatly reduce paravertebral spasms.

natural treatment for back pain

 A safer way to heal the body

While the FDA has approved the use of PEMF fields for healing long bone fractures that have not united over a period of time, the applications of PEMF in pain reduction are relatively new.

If accepted more widely by the medical fraternity, this may well change the way we heal our bodies. It may be the answer to a plethora of problems we have faced. An end to medicine maybe?

What we Liked

  • While magnetic mats and pads have been around for a while, the Biolife Therapy System is the first machine that provides dual transducer applicators targeting problem areas directly.
  • It is an extremely effective and safe way to treat all types of back pain
  • Users have reported a significant reduction in pain within just weeks of using the Biolife Therapy System
  • It is portable, compact and handy
  • It uses an advanced computerized core that allows users to control all parameters of the PEMF
  • Beginners can select from 74 different programmed contraindications in the machine
  • It has no harmful side effects

The Final Verdict

If you have been relying on NSAIDs to control constant agonizing pain, then you absolutely must try the Biolife Therapy System. For starters, it is by far much safer.

The Biolife Therapy System has helped hundreds of thousands of people regain control of their life by eliminating pain completely. What do you have to lose? Try the Biolife Therapy System today.


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