Treatment for Varicose Veins

Varicose Veins & the BioLife Therapy System

Our body is like a super highway connected with hundreds of blood vessels and probably millions of tiny electrodes that pass vital information to our brain which is like the CPU of a computer.

To ensure optimal functioning of the body, it is vital that the flow of blood and information is uninterrupted. And when either of this is interrupted, the body starts to show some symptoms which if neglected can lead to further complications, some of them severe.

Varicose Veins are one such condition that is caused due to the lack of blood flow from the veins to the heart. It is characterized by enlarged superficial veins in the legs or other parts of the body that are impossible to miss.

natural treatment for varicose veins

Understanding Varicose Veins

In a healthy body, there are valves in the veins which keep pumping blood forward towards the heart. However, in Varicose Veins the functioning of these valves is hampered.

As a result, blood is trapped in these veins and over a period of time, this incessant pooling of blood causes the veins to become painful and enlarged.

This condition is normally seen in the veins of the legs though it may occur in other places as well. Also, it is more common in women than men.

Congenitally defective valves are the main cause of Varicose Veins. It may also be caused due to pregnancy and prolonged standing especially if there is a family history of the condition.

Electromagnetic Therapy and its Benefits

The treatments for Varicose Veins vary and largely depend on the severity of the condition. From using exercise to elevating the legs at different times of the day, there are more specialized methods like Ambulatory phlebectomy or Endovenous laser therapy. Venous stripping is a complete surgical procedure.

The problem is that most of these treatment methods are either not very effective or are invasive.

Electromagnetic Therapy is not. It involves the use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields to restore the normal flow of blood in the veins which will prevent the blood from flowing backwards and pooling in the legs.

It is a safe and natural way to heal the body. Despite it gaining a lot of popularity in the last few years, electromagnetic therapy has not become ‘mainstream’ yet.

It is still offered in specialized therapy centers that often charge a premium for each session of PEMF therapy.

natural treatment for varicose veins

The Biolife Therapy System

The Biolife Therapy System is a compact and handy machine that allows one to use Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy at home. Manufactured by Biolife Systems in Italy, it is a highly popular device that is widely used in the UK.

Designed for ease of use, the operation of the machine is as simple as it can get. It has a computerized core with dual polarized transducers that are applied on any affected part of the body.

All parameters from the time duration to the frequency to the intensity of the PEMF can be controlled. In case of Varicose Veins, the twin transducers can be easily applied on the legs or any other part of the body.

The machine also has 74 programmed common contraindications that one can select from. And there are accessories that can further enhance your rate of recovery.

The Biolife Mat applicator is ideal for a complete and total body therapy.

What we Liked

  • By healing the body from within, it helps to restore the natural flow of blood in the veins
  • It is better than surgical procedures which may involve months of bed rest
  • It is completely safe and there are no side effects to using electromagnetic therapy
  • It is a handy unit that is specially designed for ‘at home’ usage.
  • It is the only device in the world that uses the most advanced and most intense PEMF waves
  • It allows the user to control all parameters of the PEMF

The Final Verdict

If you have been suffering from those blue bulging veins, then this is the best way to get rid of them in a completely natural way. There are no gimmicks here! Just a tried and proven therapy that works! Try the Biolife Therapy System today!

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